A new challenge for Irigoian

Photo du couloir de natation

Fifteen years after rebuilding up the Irigoian basque farm from its ruins to convert it into a charming bed and breakfast, Philippe Etcheverry has added to it a new building containing a swimming pool, a hammam and a fitness room.

The unit is faithful to the ecological convictions of the master of the house (*):

  • New generation thermal sensors on a surface of 28 m² maintain the temperature of water over 26 °C.
  • The energy cost necessary for filtration and dehumidification is ensured by 16 photovoltaic panels integrated in the roof. 20 m long and 3 m wide, the swimming pool, color vanilla, is perfectly harmonized with the chocolate tadelakt of the walls and the wood belt.
  • The picture window which extends over the entire length of the building offers a view from above on the garden and the forest.
  • Emerald rollers paper cloakroom, showers and hammam.

And to improve your shape, some torture instruments and a tennis table supplement the equipment.

(*) Irigoian is labellized “Clef verte” since 2007