Thalassotherapy in Biarritz

Located at the south end of Biarritz, 900 m from Irigoian, the Thalmar thalassotherapy center overlooks Marbella beach.It has 2300 m² of sunlit treatment areas and 350 m² of 33 °C sea water pools. At high tide, sea water is pumped in a few yards underground through a system located under the sand. Thus, the pool water is constantly renewed.

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These conditions allow it to meet the demands of a true thalassotherapy center : « set in a privileged location, thalassotherapy is the simultaneous use under medical supervision with a preventive or curative goal using the benefits of sea environment, climate, and water as well as mud, seaweed, and other sea elements ».

Since 1970, Thalmar have developed two types of treatment options:
1 – 6 day thematic treatments (starting at 612 € ): anti-pain, fitness, post-natal, anti-stress, oxygen, and a slimming course
2 – A la carte treatments

Special prices for Irigoian guests